In this time of dire need, Sepragen team is doing its part to solve the problem of COVID-19. We are providing equipment on an expedited basis to a company developing a vaccine for COVID- 19.

Chromatography Columns

Advances in the genomic sciences and biotechnology have led to an unprecedented need to rapidly isolate novel biotherapeutics for preclinical and clinical testing and then bring them to the market.

Sepragen Corporation specializes in providing advanced liquid chromatography devices to separate and purify biomolecules from the development stage to commercial production of biological drugs.
The Right Combination of Simplicity and Power
The simplicity of QuantaSep®'s interactive graphical user interface gives the system its efficiency and power by making it easy to learn and use. You don't need to refer to printed flow diagrams and manuals. Because even if you have little or no computer experience, QuantaSep®'s intuitive on-screen operations make the system easy to use from the moment you plug it in.
QuantaSep Family