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Automating Your Process Development
Most Process development / scaling up is either done by use of mismatched pumps and detectors assembled together in the labs or HPLC systems. This results in untold expense and uncountable loss in time to scale up. Sepragen Chromatographic engineers have now developed a family of automated Bio Processing systems meant to speed up your process development. The example shown below was performed in less than 2 hours with all documentation and data as required for GMP purposes.

Sample: Mixture of BSA and Vitamin B-12

Average Pressure per column: 2 psi

Column one:

Model: SuperFlo® 50 (manufacturer – Sepragen)

Media: SepraSorb® (A high thru put cellulose based media) (manufacturer – Sepragen)

Column two:

Model: Versaflo™ 10cm (manufacturer – Sepragen)

Media: Biogel A – 0.5m (100-200 mesh) (manufacturer – BioRad)

Absorbance: 280 nm

The above data was generated using a QuantaSep® 1000™ automated purification system. The QuantaSep® controlled two columns in sequence. A mixture of BSA and Vitamin B-12 was loaded on to column one (IEX column). Vitamin B-12 was eluted with DI Water. The product i.e. BSA was eluted with 0.5 M NaCl and the eluant loaded directly onto the second column (Desalting column). DI water was then used to separate the two fractions.

Efficient Use of Automation

The automatic sample loading, buffer switching and fraction collection of the QuantaSep® systems allow for collection of proteins in separate tubes / bottles. The active air trap of the QuantaSep® protected the air from entering the column by constantly ejecting air. This helped eliminate the need of a bubble trap which would have caused unnecessary dilution of sample and broadening of peaks.