In this time of dire need, Sepragen team is doing its part to solve the problem of COVID-19. We are providing equipment on an expedited basis to a company developing a vaccine for COVID- 19.
  • Scalable
  • Reduces Cost
  • Exceptional Consistency
  • Increases Productivity by 70%
  • Space Efficient
  • Outstanding Technical Support
  • Low Back Pressure
  • 4 – 10X High Flow Rates
  • True Linear Scale-up
  • Easy Validated Packing method
  • Moveable by Column Mover (Caster & Leveler
  • Reinforced 8mesh frit for 4 Bar rating (10 - 20µm)
  • Turck RFID Label
  • Removable Distributor for cleaning
  • USP Grade VI, ADI Free Seals
  • Sanitary Design

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