In this time of dire need, Sepragen team is doing its part to solve the problem of COVID-19. We are providing equipment on an expedited basis to a company developing a vaccine for COVID- 19.

Our Products

Sepragen provides scientists and engineers the best equipment to grow cells and purify molecules. Our products dramatically improve throughput, productivity and ease of use, and significantly reduce footprint, time and cost.
Chromatography Automated Systems
A multi-use liquid chromatography system with a wide flow and pressure range to enable methods development from pilot to production scale purifications. With its powerful and easy to use software
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Chromatography Columns
Superflo Columns were invented to help overcome the problems faced by bioprocess engineers and scientists as they scale up chromatographic processes from the laboratory to production scale.

Superior performance at extremely low pressures and high flow-rates in small footprint columns are the main advantages of the Sepragen’s Superflo and Wedge columns.
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Buffer Preparation systems
The QS Buffer Preparation System can enable you to make buffers at point of use starting with buffer concentrates.
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Column Packing service
Column chromatography is being extensively used as a tool for purifying biomolecules from complex mixtures. Chromatography resins and gels are often purchased in bulk and packed by the end user. While packing a Superflo® column is relatively easy, however, it is a labor-intensive process that utilizes personnel and resources better used elsewhere.
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Column Packing System
The world’s first automated packing system for packing its innovative Superflo, Radial Flow Columns.
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Custom Engineering
World’s first, Custom Engineering
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