In this time of dire need, Sepragen team is doing its part to solve the problem of COVID-19. We are providing equipment on an expedited basis to a company developing a vaccine for COVID- 19.

Sepragen in the  News

January 2023
Sepragen ships

Sepragen ships Superflo® 350L Radial Flow Column and QuantaSep 70 LPM skid for the manufacture of protein derived from precision fermentation.

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December 2022
Sepragen completes installation

Sepragen completes installation of multiple 100L of Superflo® Radial Flow Columns and QuantaSep Column Packer for Human Plasma Fractionation Project in Europe

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July 2022
Sepragen presents at the Recovery Conference in Rome

Sepragen presents at the Recovery Conference in Rome.

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June 2022
Processes for Health-Enhancing Human Nutritionals

Sepragen has pioneered the three patented processes for the isolation of high value nutritionals on a commercial scale. The Sepralac® Process enables the isolation of Lactoferrin…

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June 2022
Sepragen ships multiple

Sepragen ships multiple 200 LPH, 600 LPH AND 1000 LPH single-use flow path Chromatography Systems with built in Buffer Dilution Capability for a commercially approved vaccine.

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