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Sepragen Corporation Announces Successful Commissioning Of Sepralac® Plant At Carbery Food Ingredients

Union City, CA, September 21, 1999 - Sepragen Corporation (OTC BB: SPGNU, SPGNA, SPGNW) announced the successful start of the first plant in Europe based on its patented Sepralac® Process. The plant was commissioned by Carbery Food Ingredients, of Ireland, pursuant to a license agreement reached between Sepragen and Carbery.

Carbery’s plant will produce, amongst other ingredients, alpha-lactalbumin and lactoferrin which are high value ingredients extracted from cheese whey. These ingredients are being targeted for producing next generation infant formulae that more closely resemble the protein profile of human breast milk, and as health enhancing additives in ‘nutraceutical’ or dietary supplement products. Carbery will also utilize some innovative whey fractions to enhance its existing Isolac range of sportsfood ingredients.

Said John Holland, Operations Director for Carbery, “Carbery Food Ingredients is a technology leader in the manufacture of whey based ingredients and is a well recognized supplier to leading infant formulae producers. The manufacture of this new generation of ingredients will enable us to continue operating at the frontiers of whey technology and give us the ability to better serve our customers with exciting technical innovations. We expect our relationship with Sepragen to grow as we position ourselves as a global supplier of high-end ingredients to both existing and new customers.”

Sepragen Corporation develops and markets technology along with equipment and supplies for process chromatography applications. Sepragen has developed a number of patented applications that provide large market opportunities in the food and beverage industry, including debittering citrus juices, extracting isoflavone (plant estrogen) from soy, as well as extracting proteins from whey. The company holds over 14 issued patents relating to its core technology.

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