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Sepragen provides scientists and engineers the best equipment to grow cells and purify molecules. Our products dramatically improve throughput, productivity and ease of use, and significantly reduce footprint, time and cost.

Chromatography Systems

The QuantaSep® family of revolutionary systems is designed to provide full automation of the purification process from laboratory to production scales.
Bio Reactor

Sepragen's Bio Reactor performance is about 10 times that of batch culture processes with an equipment footprint of less than 1/3 the size.
Chromatography Columns

Use of Seprgen's "radial flow" columns in biotech chromatography results in a 4x increase in process efficiency.


Sepragen has recently developed ion-exchange resin technology for single use disposable resins, projected to sell at 1/3 of competitor prices.

Click here to view our Online Catalog.

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