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Advances in the genomic sciences and biotechnology have led to an unprecedented need to rapidly isolate novel biotherapeutics for preclinical and clinical testing and then bring them to the market.

Sepragen Corporation specializes in providing advanced liquid chromatography devices to separate and purify biomolecules from the development stage to commercial production of biological drugs.

The Right Combination of Simplicity and Power

The simplicity of QuantaSep®'s interactive graphical user interface gives the system its efficiency and power by making it easy to learn and use. You don't need to refer to printed flow diagrams and manuals. Because even if you have little or no computer experience, QuantaSep®'s intuitive on-screen operations make the system easy to use from the moment you plug it in.

Quantasep® Has What it Takes

The QuantaSep® System can automate any of the routine manual tasks related to process development and free up key scientists time to handle additional mission-critical projects. It allows the process development departments to manage the deadlines to produce clinical/pre-clinical material, scale-up processes and trouble-shoot or downscale production problems all within existing headcount and budgetary constraints. The payback for these systems has ranged from 3-18 months!

The QuantaSep® Advantage

QuantaSep®'s simple step-by-step, tabulated programming format makes it easy to replicate batch runs for laboratory process development and trouble shooting work, as well as pilot scale purifications.
  • Scalable: Select the QuantaSep® workstation you need, with distinct systems delivering between 1 to 10000 ml/min. When you require a higher flow rate, it is easy to scale up to the next level of QuantaSep® workstation, using the same system capabilities and software.
  • Automated Chromatography: All separation steps are carried out via intuitive Windows NT Control Software. Multiple studies can be run automatically.
  • Exceptional Consistency: even at the highest flow rates, the QuantaSep® system maintains low pressure and yields the highest standards of biological separations for a wide range of applications.
  • Automatically Generates GMP Reports: You can now generate FDA-compliant reports without the time-consuming process of individually documenting each step, including variances.
  • Space Efficient: The QuantaSep® system requires 70% less laboratory space than other models, thereby freeing valuable lab space for other applications.
  • Highly Reliable: Our automated chromatography systems enable you to get the highest flow rate needed for your project, using a propriety technology. In the unlikely event of error, an early warning system is available.
  • Increases Productivity by 70%: one operator can perform the work of two or three full time individuals by performing multiple chromatography studies.
  • Reduces Cost: By enabling an operator to perform other activities and by providing automatic GMP reports, overall labor costs can be reduced by 50% Payback is less than six months!
  • Outstanding Technical Support: Sepragen is highly regarded for providing person-to-person interfaces to insure effective customer support.
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QuantaSep® 100

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QuantaSep® 15000

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