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Case Study 1: Up to 15X Higher Productivity

Comparison of the Express® Bioreactor vs. Standard Stirred Tank (data courtesy 3M Corp.)

This experiment was designed to compare the productivity of a standard 1 liter stirred tank bioreactor with a similar sized Express® Bioreactor. Hybridoma cells were grown in both bioreactors and the cumulative output of antibody produced was measured. The data shows a 15-fold higher antibody production in the Sepragen Express® Bioreactor.

Case Study 2: Up to 25X Higher Productivity with CHO Cells

Comparison of the Express® Bioreactor vs. Wave® Bioreactor (data courtesy Elan Pharmaceuticals)

CHO K1 cells expressing a FAb were grown in both a Sepragen Express® Bioreactor as well as a conventional Wave® Bioreactor. Both bioreactors were seeded with the same number of cells. The Express® Bioreactor was run in a perfusion mode for 110 days. The Wave® was run to terminal harvest and taken down after 14 days. The significantly higher productivity of the Express® Bioreactor, along with the ease of use and the long-term viability of the cells, demonstrates the Express® as a robust and superior platform for mammalian cell culture.

The above data shows the Express® Bioreactor’s ability to dramatically increase productivity and continuous production for several months, while maintaining a high density viable culture. Yields were superior, and product purity and quality attributes were comparable. Wave® is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare








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