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Genentech study shows 4 fold higher throughput with Superflo Radial Flow Chromatography Columns

July 2011, Union City, CA... A recently released joint collaborative study conducted between Genentech and Sepragen on the use of Superflo Radial Flow Columns for potentially de-bottlenecking critical manufacturing steps, found that the radial flow columns can be a useful tool. Lab studies were conducted with Sepragen’s 50 ml Wedge Columns and then scaled up to production or kilo scale on the Superflo Columns. The results showed:

The throughput was four times higher when compared with the conventional columns both on the bench and production scales while the pressure was approximately 1 bar.

  1. Product recovery, purity and impurity clearance was within specifications
  2. The scale up from the Wedge to Production Scale Superflo Columns was linear
  3. Packing of the columns was easy and reproducible.
Superflo Columns are based on a proprietary Radial Flow design. The flow instead of taking place axially down a column takes place radially in an annulus. This design enables a large sample application area and a short bed “height” and mimics a short fat column that has been rolled. High flowrates at low backpressure can thus be achieved in a small footprint design. Superflo Columns are cGMP compatible and are being been used routinely in multi- hundred liter column volumes to make 24 FDA approved drugs.

Read details of the Radial Flow Column Study

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